Countdown week to the Transformation Expo 2012 has arrived and we’re visiting our neighbors all over the city to see how excited they are about this year’s event. With Richmond full of fans of Donnie McClurkin (this year’s headliner), we’ve decided to hit the streets with Miss Community Clovia to find out if any of you could sing some of your favorite Donnie McClurkin songs and to encourage everyone listening and watching to get your tickets as early as possible.

Check out our surprise appearance at Haywood’s Beauty Salon with our friends including Debbie H. who showed us just how big of a fan she is plus how she won a pair of Transformation Expo 2012 tickets just for lifting her voice. Shout out and congratulations to all of our winners who picked up tickets this year, too! We’ll see you this weekend at the convention center.

Don’t miss out on your chance to win tickets, but if you wait too long it might be sold out in the end so go ahead & click any of the images or links below to purchase your tickets today right here on


Transformation Expo Countdown Week Begins

Donnie McClurkin – Transformation Expo 2012

James Fortune & FIYA – Transformation Expo 2012

Troy Sneed – Transformation Expo 2012

Dorothy Norwood – Transformation Expo 2012


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